07-14-09 Been away from the site for a stint--working other projects, Mego and non-Mego related (becoming a proud parent)! Had some renewed interest in the "How-To" section recently, so I've updated both the mold-making tutorial and sculpting tutorial pages.

05-27-06 The spotlight hits Captain Dunsel as the Mego Museum's CustoMego names him "Customizer of the Month", June 2006.

10-09-05 Finally! After eight long months, new customs join the ranks of Wave 3. This time; a double-release. From the classic Star Trek episode Assignment: Earth, Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln.

08-10-05 True, it's been awhile since I've done much in the way of Mego. Nevertheless, Wave 3 will go on... and of late I've been working toward making that happen, so stay tuned for another installment shortly. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

01-23-05 Wave 3 continues! The latest addition to the Dunsel family is here! The customs section kicks off 2005 with another classic Star Trek character--my favoriet sculpt yet! And what's more, this one gets a stellar costume treatment compliments of the talented Dave McCormick. Captain Dunsel and The Mego Madhouse proudly present the whimsical General Trelane!!!

11-01-04 Vacation's over! The first new sculpt of "Wave 3" is finished! This one is a bit of a personal favorite, folks--not necessarily the most influential character, but well-beyond recognizable as a Star Trek staple--as he appears in almost EVERY original episode of the series. If you've ever watched an episode... you've probably seen him: Star Trek's very own Lt. Leslie.

10-17-04 Mego Madhouse OVERHAUL! The Madhouse breathes a sigh of relief as it FINALLY gets a long overdue updgrade to a "real" web server! The Madhouse now has honest-to-goodness disk space & enough bandwidth for you, the web-surfer to actually view its pages--hard to believe, I know! So, after a few summer months of re-designing, I am proud to present the power of this all-new and fully operational battle station!!! ...I mean, website!!!! Enjoy!

06-15-04 Vanessa and I returned home from one of our most exciting vacations and happiest of experiences:
MegoCon 2004, June 11, 12 & 13 in New York City! To everyone whom we met and had the
opportunity to talk with (the "Mego Mafia"), it was a genuine pleasure! Other highlights included a
discussion panel featuring former Mego Corporation head, Marty Abrams and production designer
Neal Kublan. Also in attendance was former Mego card artist Ken Kelly.
On day two of the three-day event, I hosted a sculpting seminar during which I released a limited
edition MegoCon Exclusive Gene Roddenberry sculpt! I only made 15 of these, and the few that
came back home with me are long-since spoken for!
Big thanks to Robert Acquarulo and Chris Johnson for spearheading such a venture and
allowing all us Mego Heads to share this unique experience!

Summer Vacation 2004 - June 01 thru October 31

05-22-04 On the heels of the first official all-Mego convention, MegoCon 2004, it's an exciting time for any
collector of these nostalgic toys from "the world's greatest action figure company"! To add to the
excitement, another Dunsel custom is complete! Commander Kang rounds out Wave 2, and the
Captain is almost off on summer vacation from customizing.

04-21-04 After a long custom drought, finally comes the next installment... and to counter the dry spell, the
month of April heralds not one but TWO new Dunsel customs for Wave 2! Take a gander at Mr.
Spock's parents, Ambassador Sarek and his wife Amanda. Once again, Dave McCormick comes
to the rescue with his amazingly detailed costume artistry. Enjoy!

01-25-04 A new year and a new custom! January 2004 sees Commodore Matt Decker join the ranks among
Dunsel's Mego customs!

11-01-03 Back to business! Yep, the sculpting begins again and my shop is open for taking orders!
Wave 2 begins with the M113 creature! Enjoy!

10-15-03 Still workin' on the Halloween float, folks! The going is good, and it's getting to be crunch-time but
I'm ever thinking of Megos! While I may not be customizing, I can at least enjoy others' work --
Specifically Paul Evans' & Dave McCormick's Star Trek: The Next Generation customs!
I added Data to the collection today & can't wait to get this group in their proper duds!
If you're a TNG fan, you're gonna love these. Check 'em out at Dave McCormick's
web site, DaveMc's.

09-12-03 Summer break may be over, but the decision to participate in El Paso's Annual Halloween Parade
requires a delay in re-opening the web store. Construction of a parade float & costumes will
occupy the next two month's time. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas is the float's theme. To all who eagerly await the next Mego custom... check back on November 1st!

09-01-03 ToyFare magazine elects the Gorn Captain as "Homemade Hero" of October 2003 (issue #74)!

08-28-03 HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- The Mego Madhouse, and its custom Gorn turn 1 year old!!!

Summer Vacation 2003 - June 01 thru October 31

05-30-03 Yes, Paul is happy. So happy in fact, I figured he might be interested in becoming the permanent keeper of the Golden Orion herself... here's what Paul had to say about that idea.

04-08-03 Captain Dunsel's first female custom Mego sculpt, Marta the Orion, joins the Customs section! The talent of Dave McCormick returns to costume the eight-inch vixen. For the trivia-inclined, the Marta sculpt replaces an altered Wicked Witch-head version previously in the customs section. Affectionately referred to as the "Golden Orion", the original is now 'retired' and removed from the customs section. This entry alone remains as a tribute to the original--thanks to Paul Evans of the Mego Museum, her sole proponent! Happy, Paul?

03-31-03 Now available for download or web streaming, The Captain America Radio Show. Enjoy this kitchy pulp comic audio show produced by Captain Dunsel himself in the classic radio broadcast style.

03-16-03 Say hello to the all-new How-To section! Enjoy helpful hints, customizing tutorials & reference images and other information on the restoration, repair & care of your Megos!

02-26-03 The links page gets a facelift! Finally added some of the links I've been promising... more to come!

01-30-03 Custom John Colicos as the ruthless Klingon Commander Kor is complete and now in the customs section! Thanks to Dave McCormick for contributing a spectacular television series-accurate costume.

01-06-03 Happy New Year! With the generous assistance of Cory Wood, each pattern on the patterns page
now includes a U.S. & metric rule marker for printing at the proper scale. Happy sewing!

11-08-02 The "Captain's Log" updates page (this one you're reading right now) is added in order conserve actual brain-memory storage and keep readers such as yourself informed regarding Captain Dunsel's latest pointless activities.

11-07-02 Captain Dunsel & friends visit Wizard World Philadelphia & befriend the gang from Palisades Toys. Palisades is the greatest thing since Mego and a true toy business success story. They make it all--and do so very well. Not to mention, they're a fun bunch to hang around. Thanks to Mike Horn, Mike Renegar, Ken Lilly & the rest of the Palisades crew for a great time in Philly.

11-06-02 As more photos are added, it becomes painfully apparent that the "Fun Mego Photos" page has little to do with Megos... Laziness prevents re-naming the section.

11-??-02 Somewhere around this time, Khan joins the customs page as does the Tellarite. If anyone can help with an exact date here--congratulations, you're more anal than Captain Dunsel. Feel free to send an email telling him so and this entry will be updated! The Khan custom represents the first combination of a Dunsel sculpt with the amazing costume-making talent of Dave McCormick! See Dave's quality Mego costuming and more at DaveMc's. Thanks for everything, Dave!

10-05-02 Captain & Mrs. Dunsel attend their first Star Trek Convention together! We're like a couple kids in geek-heaven!

08-28-02 Megomadhouse.com launches with The Gorn Captain as its first customized Mego figure!

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